Today 27th of May 2024

Sun and clouds: The air masses will become more humid and unstable.

The weather

Sun and clouds. In the afternoon local rain showers and thunderstorms. The highest temperatures will range from 18° to 26°.

Mountain weather

On the mountains sun and clouds. In the morning it is still mostly dry, but in the afternoon you can expect widespread rain showers and thunderstorms.

The next days

Changeable conditions: Tuesday will begin cloudy and partly rainy. As the day progresses, the precipitation will ease from the west. Wednesday will bring a friendly mix of sun and clouds with only localised rain showers in the afternoon. On Thursday, clouds will predominate and it will rain at times. Friday will also be cloudy and partly rainy.

tuesday 28
Cloudy, moderate rain
max: 24°
min: 8°
wednesday 29
Very cloudy
max: 26°
min: 8°
thursday 30
Dull, moderate rain
max: 23°
min: 6°
friday 31
Dull, moderate rain
max: 22°
min: 6°